Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Hello everyone! I have decided that in the day and age of communication, I should have a blog link as well. Not much really to share except that I am so excited that you are checking out my blog site because it means you actually made it to my web site and hopefully checked it out! It has been a work in progress and still needs some adjustments, but I feel much better about it than I did a few months ago!

Anyways, life is good on the home front. I have my first wedding in two weeks. I am not advertising that I am doing weddings, but decided to take on the challenge for my husband's cousin. I am really excited about it. It is so different than working with children, but imagine it will be the same fast paced style, just for a lot longer. I will post some images from it after the wedding. :)

Well spring has arrived, at least temporarily, and it feels GREAT!! The sun feels so amazing and it really gets me excited to get out and start photographing outside again. I have photographed outside over the winter, but it is a little different, and wet. Looking forward to a great summer season!

Hope you are all well! Need to get a few things done. Thanks for checking out my new site! Cheerio... :)

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