Sunday, April 27, 2008

What a beautiful family!

This family was such a joy to work with! I photographed them at the last minute and it was such a great way to end my week! Their parents were in town for their daughter's very first birthday and boy was she a CUTIE! Thanks so much to this family for making my week end on such a great note!! You have a beautiful family and an absolutely adorabe daughter! Thanks again! Happy Sneak Peak!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Something funny to share!

So I was making dinner last night and I was discussing with my 3 year old what we were having. I don't know about 3 year olds, but mine is SOOO set in his ways when it comes to food that it drives me bonkers. Anyways, I had put some chicken on the grill and he came running in shouting..., "But I don't want chicken hands for dinner!!" (instead of calling them chicken fingers...). It made my night!!


We have a winner! I would like to congratulate K.Rietze on responding to the ice cream question and recieving a complimentary family photo shoot! Her favorite flavor is chocolate!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring Fever! First Giveaway Ever..If you lik ice cream this one will be easy for you!

Today is such a beautiful day and they are calling for snow on Saturday! UGHHHHH!!! No thank you! Anyways, I am in really good spirits and spring fever has hit hard so I am going to try my first ever Sweet Pea Giveaway! Here it goes... :)

Be the first to contact me through my web site contact section ( and receive a complimentary session (valued @ $100) for you and your immediate family to be used from now until May 15th. Also... in your email you have to include your favorite ice cream! Yummy... can you tell I am ready for summer!! :) Looking forward to hearing from you!

Offer is good for Portland, Oregon residents and first time customers only. Not valid with any other offer.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My little scoot is 1!

I can't believe little scoot just turned one. This past year has flown so fast! She is into everything but is just as cute as can be. Of course... I am just a tich biosed!! She has started walking in the past few days and is so proud! The look on her face is hilarious. These little kids just keep me going!! I feel so blessed!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Yellow Tutu!

Last week I had the opportunity to photograph a local preschool. It was so much fun!!! The children were so cute and I loved having the opportunity to play with them one on one. They were all so cute, but this little girl just came out and performed. She wanted to wear this little tutu and I was all for it! I wanted to share this series that I just think says so much about how much fun kids have! This series just makes me smile!!! :)

On the other side..... nice try!!!

So my husband called me from work last week on a beautiful spring day and very sweetly said, "Why don't you bring the kids down and I will take your picture by the waterfront." Of course, I was excited because I am usually ALWAYS on the other side of the camera, therefore have little to no pictures of myself with our kids. I worry that someday when they look back at all their pictures (that will still be on disks because I am a horrible mom and am too busy shooting that I have not put their images in albums!!! ughh) and say, hmm.... was mom ever around!!! There is dad and the kids oh and dad and the kids againg and oh... the dog and the kids. You get the point!! So needless to say I was very excited. It was close to both their birthdays so I thought this would be a great photo opp. What a wonderful husband!!! How nice of him to suggest it. Usually he says, ummm... do you have to bring that camera everywhere we go!( No... he really is VERY supportive!!!)

So, I proceed to get the children ready... running late of course. It is close to dinner time and we know how our children are at that time of the day! We get downtown, meet up with my husband and start shooting. Just to give you a little glimpse of the 15 minutes max that we lasted.... I have posted a few below. They weren't so hot! I have decided that it is hard to be on the other side of the camera especially when it is your husband that is the one with the camera! I think it might be a control thing! haha! I am much more comfortable hiding behind it. Let me tell you... it sure gave me a LOT more appreciation for my clients! You all look so beautiful and natural and this is what we ended up with!!

To top it all off, I ran out of room on my memory card (which I have about 24 gb at home!!!) and my battery just about died. What started out to be a very sweet adventure, turned into chaos in less than 15 minutes. So... all I have to say is this.... THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO SO KINDLY TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY TO LET ME PHOTOGRAPH YOU AND YOUR LOVELY FAMILIES! I KNOW it is not easy to get it all together and am so impressed with how much more calm you all look in your images that we did! You have much more grace than I and your images show it!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Hello everyone! This has been the week to finally get a few things done. I have two little ones and didnt realize it for some reason that I had sitters back to back today. Wow!!! The stars must have been in allignment as I was able to get a LOT done!!!! So amazing! I just love this weather as well. It screams spring fever! My kids and I went for a walk this evening before bed and my son sat the whole way in his stroller with his sunglasses on screaming that the sun was too bright!!! Funny how we get so accustomed to a season! Bring it on!!! Well I am off to continue this rampage of getting things finished. I will write more soon!

A special thank you to everyone who has helped with the growth of Annie's Sweet Pea Photography! I would not be where I am with out your support!!!! THANK YOU!