Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Made my day!

So my family and I were at church on Sunday and I dont know about other families... but this is definitely NOT the most relaxing and spiritual time of the week for me. We really try... but sometimes I say to myself.. why... with a one and three year old why do we do this... but we keep going back and I know it is good for all of us and Father seems to always include someting funny in his homily to humor ALL the parents who are in our same boat!! But oh my!!! So after yet another session of tai bo, yoga, meditation, and a marathon all packed in one one hour mass... a little girl behind me presented me with her artwork... a picture that she had drawn of me photographing her family. IT MADE MY DAY!!! How precious... it brought tears to my eyes and now sits proudly on my refrigerator to remind me of all those little eyes out there that we impact on a daily basis and we dont even realize it. It was so cute.. I had told her how beautiful the picture was and how honored I was to receive it and she said.."Thank you.. I am an artist!" Of course she is... it was a simple, yet powerful reminder that we can be ANYTHING we want to be! Thank you sweetie for such a memorable day and drawing. That one will stay with me forever! Thank you for the honor!!

Monday, May 19, 2008


So I was going through more images from this session and just had to post a few more! I hope the M family had as much fun as I did snapping!! :)


I had a really wonderful session this morning! After the 3 days of intense and shocking heat (no I am not complaining!! :) ) today was a little cooler, which made it a little more comfortable for this morning session. They were a great family with two beautiful children. I had a ton of fun chasing the little boy around the park and what a great park it was! Thanks for a great time family M! Enjoy your little sneak peak!!! There are many more to come:)

Recent Family!

So we were up visiting my sister a few weeks ago and went to this really cool farm with the kids. My daugther is the only girl in the bunch and is constantly trying to keep up with the big boys. I thought these were pretty cute. Her hair is driving me crazy lately... hence the bam bam look! I want it out of her eyes! The one of my son was taken when he was being a not so nice little 3 year old!!! He was in time out against this wall and what did I do... like any good mom... pull out the camera... I just couldn't leave that rustic barn wood untouched!!! :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ready for some sun and heat!!!

Okay... I don't know about you, but I am SOOOOO ready for some sun and heat and I think this weekend we are in for it. My husband and I were supposed to go away on a marriage reatreat (which sounds like fun if it is raining and yucky outside), but he has convinced me to take part in taking our little drift boat on its' maiden voyage down the Deschutes (sans kiddos) and I took him up on it! So.. Vitamin D here we come! I hope that whatever you do this upcoming weekend it leads you to some much needed sun and R&R! Enjoy and hope you are all happy and well!!! I will be out of reach from Thursday-Monday... just an fyi. I will touch base with you when I return! Take care and happy sun to you!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What a cutie in red!

This family was so fun to work with and their daughter was just the sweetest bundle of energy! She was so cute! Happy sneak peak!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Recent Maternity Session

This was a recent maternity session. The family was so sweet and I loved the little boys bundle of energy! I wish family Y all the best with their new little bundle of joy! Thank you for inviting me to share in such a special time in your families life together!!