Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Made my day!

So my family and I were at church on Sunday and I dont know about other families... but this is definitely NOT the most relaxing and spiritual time of the week for me. We really try... but sometimes I say to myself.. why... with a one and three year old why do we do this... but we keep going back and I know it is good for all of us and Father seems to always include someting funny in his homily to humor ALL the parents who are in our same boat!! But oh my!!! So after yet another session of tai bo, yoga, meditation, and a marathon all packed in one one hour mass... a little girl behind me presented me with her artwork... a picture that she had drawn of me photographing her family. IT MADE MY DAY!!! How precious... it brought tears to my eyes and now sits proudly on my refrigerator to remind me of all those little eyes out there that we impact on a daily basis and we dont even realize it. It was so cute.. I had told her how beautiful the picture was and how honored I was to receive it and she said.."Thank you.. I am an artist!" Of course she is... it was a simple, yet powerful reminder that we can be ANYTHING we want to be! Thank you sweetie for such a memorable day and drawing. That one will stay with me forever! Thank you for the honor!!

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