Monday, June 30, 2008

Oh what a beautiful sight!

After a really busy and successful week with lots of fun newborns, maternity, and family shoots, my family and I decided to head out of town for some R and R! We headed up to a small lake in WA and had so much fun. It was our first camping trip for the year. I always feel a little rusty the first time out, like I am working with two left hands every time I attempt to cook or do anything. My husband and son got a little fishing in and we even got to see some snow, which my son was totally shocked by. It was fun to watch his brain try and figure out why there was snow around. He said, "So mommy... it must have snowed a lot last night to have snow on the ground today!" Anyways, by the end of our weekend, the kids were as dirty as they could possibly be and we all had recevied our fair dose of sun and fun. It was a blast! The kids had a ball and it just felt awesome to be back in nature for a while! I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful weekend too! Have a happy Monday!

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