Friday, August 15, 2008

Off again!!

So as most of you know I was a teacher in my first life... a profession that I truly truly loved!!! and still do. I will never leave that one, as I feel like I am always using the skills that I learned. Anyways, so I am a firm believer of continuing ed, so as a part of my commmitment to this profession and to my clients, I believe it is so important to be up on what is going on in the digtal world these days. Soooo I am off to one more workshop. It just so happens that my two workshops this year have fallen back to back. I must say... BIG KUDDOS TO MY AWESOME HUSBAND FOR TAKING ON THE KIDS SOLO FOR TWO WEEKENDS IN A ROW!!! Thank you so much hunny!!! So excited to learn more... off to Seattle for this one. If I don't get back to you in a timely fashion this weekend, I apologize in advance and will shortly!

Take care and don't get sucked in by this crazy heat!! Listen to me... I have totally turned into a wimpy northwest girl that can't handle that OCCASIONAL 95 degrees... where I came from 100 and 100% humidity was totally commonplace. Oh well... Stay cool!!!Have a great weekend!

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