Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oh those eyes... and that drool!

Ok so this is my nephew so yes, I am TOTALLY biased, but I just think he is a doll. Those eyes and yes... even the drool. How come little ones can get away with drool just being sooo cute and the rest of us... we...well you know... we just dont look so good with drool coming out of our mouths! Anyways... taking a break and had to share this one!


  1. He is a doll. Is this M*s baby boy? I'm glad that you shared.

  2. Thank you... yes this is he! He totally has his momma's eyes... How are you??? I have been meaning to email you... it was great to hear from you. Your sisters sight is awesome! Great work and fun to see. Hope all is well! Gotta run kids are calling as we speek!!!