Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Last but not least..

This family deserves a HUGE pat on the back or maybe just a huge hot tub just after their session! They were lucky enough to have their family shoot on one of the coldest days yet! They did a great job, but boy was it cold. I felt so badly for them, but they have very few complaints. We went to a beautiful piece of property outside of town and actually got to partake in some alpaca feeding! The kids seemed to enjoy themselves despite the cold weather, which was huge! Enjoy your sneak peak and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Down by the water...

The session took place at one of my favorite walking parks in town, especially in the fall. The paths are windy and full of fall beauty! Anyways... Great family... very sweet boys who love to be boys (which makes my job fun!).... and lots of wonderful fresh air and fall beauty! Thanks for a fun afternoon everyone! Enjoy your sneak peak!

New Sneak Peaks..

I wanted to get a few sneak peaks posted before we shut down for the Thanksgiving holiday. We have had a lot of sessions lately, so I am sorry that I am a little behind on some sneak peaks! The holidays are definitely here and the weather has held up pretty well this year!

So I photographed a family earlier this year that I met at the library. This woman has been doing some amazing footwork for me because since our photoshoot, I think I have photographed half her neighborhood! I think I need to hire her!! Anyways... love this family! They were so laid back and care free and did anything I suggested! The boys had these great laughs and it was so wonderful to sit back and just experience the great connection they all shared! Happy Sneak Peak Family C!

Monday, November 24, 2008

to the bride and groom!!

So... I want to thank my brother and his wife for being so patient with me on processing these images! I wanted to post a few for a sneak peak until I can get them all uploaded... This past summer I had the great joy of photographing and being in my little bros wedding to his most adorable bride. I can't tell you how many times I just laughed so hard while editing this session. it was sucha fun day! It brought back so many beautiful and wonderful memories! The brides parents have an amazing farm where the reception took place on one of the most perfect nights in late July.. which most of you know in the midwest is typically HOT and HUMID!!! Not this night! It was fabulous...everything about it was FABULOUS!! I am almost finished with them you two... THANK YOU for being so patient and cheers to a beautiful couple and family! They had their son baptized during the ceremony and I got to be the Godmother as well. He is just such a doll and I miss him so much!! Love you all!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Some Recent Sessions... babies and bellies:)

Wow... it has been so busy lately... which I am so thankful for! I just have not had a chance to upload many sneak peaks! Here are a few from a couple different sessions. I just love the simplicity of the newborn and the womb! It is just such a beautiful time! I know mom's you are saying.. yeah right... no sleep, can't sleep, feel huge, etc.! Well as an outsider, I think you are beautiful and those babies are just precious! Thank you for lettin me in on such a beautiful experience!

Friday, November 7, 2008

All things pumpkins...

Where has the time gone? I can't believe that Halloween came and went that our kiddos are growing up! I feel like they are just growing just before our eyes and I have to make myself take time out of the hectic schedules of the day to stop and watch them grow. This is something that can be so hard for us to do as our to do lists are constantly growing! But... as I reflect on the growth of my kiddos I encourage each of you to try and take a moment each day and just STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN. Watch your kids and play with them. It feels sooo great and you can't ever get that time back. Nothing else in the world is more important than these beautiful little creatures. I have to remind myself that it is not only ok to do this, but important to each day! So... go and enjoy those beautiful little creatures!!! They are truly a gift (even when they wake up at 5 in the am after daylight savings!!! hahaha)

Here are a few from our little pumpkin carving adventure...:)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

wow.....what an amazing experience

I don't know about you, but I have been replaying Obama's speech last night over and over in my head today and just feel overwhelmed (in an amazing way) by the history that was made. I feel extremely lucky and honored to have seen an event like that take place in my lifetime. His speech brought tears to my eyes and renewed my love for this country. I know the road ahead of us will be long and challenging, but I feel proud and ready for a new day. I can not imagine what it must have felt like to fight that fight for almost 2 years (for both candidates). How exhausting! Anyays, congratulations to our new President and I look forward to seeing what this change will mean to our country!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

and on and on it goes!

Wow... I dont think I have ever seen my children this sick. It was actually quite scary for a bit. Thank goodness the fearless leader of the household has remained healthy and well to take care of us all. We are on the mend, but it has really rocked this household! Yucky... I am almost to the point where I feel the need to start cleaning all those buggies away! Yuck!!! I hope that you and yours stay healthy and well!!!