Sunday, December 21, 2008

He will be greatly missed...

I am sorry i havent posted in a while, this month has just seemed to get away from me. We have been dealing with a terrible family tragedy for the past two weeks as my father in law passed away from a sudden and tragic death. He and my two children were very close and this image of them on the tractor is so how I remember them. they loved to work on the farm together. He was a wonderful man and will be missed greatly by all those who know him. It is so hard to let go of someone you dearly love, but we just have to trust that he is in a better place with God and all the wonderful people that have left this Earth before him.

Thank you for patience with me this fall. The last two months have just felt like one after the other with my husbands grandfather, step dad, step grandfather and my aunt passing, it has been one of those times. We will get through and we are getting through with each passing day. My heart goes out to everyone who has to go through a time like this especially around the holidays.

Please take time to enjoy those around you and try not to get caught up in the little things, because really, they don't matter all that much. Be safe and I wish for you all a wonderful, safe, and blessed holiday season.

Be safe in the snow... and try to enjoy it too! :) It does bring a sense of peace and calm that is truly beautiful!

Happy Holidays!