Sunday, February 15, 2009

I will be out...

Just an fyi that I will be out from Sunday February 15-Friday February 20th at a week-long intensive photography course. Please email or phone with any questions and know I will respond just as soon as I can. Have a great week and happy belated Valentine's Day! Take care.. Annie

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Playing hookie...

So as most of you know, we have had a pretty rough winter with the passing of my husbands dad suddenly in December. We have been dealing with estate stuff and helping my mother in law get through all of this. I just have to say she has been one amazingly strong woman! I admire her greatly. She has handled everything that has come her way in the past few months (which believe me.. is a LOT) with such grace. I truly feel blessed to know her. Anyways, we decided last week on a whim to head to the beach with our family as we really NEEDED a day away from the world. Oh and it was wonderful! Our son looked at me and said..." Mommy.. this is just the best day ever!" Talk about melt your heart. It was wonderful and I feel so lucky to have just taken the day and played hookie! It was 70degrees at the beach and fabulous. Anyways, here are some fun shots we got from the day!

Our first family self portrait!! Trying to get it in time before the waves came rushing in! I am not sure which is more fun right now... laughing at the memories of taking this picture or laughing ath this picture!!

SO we decided it was the perfect day for ice cream. My goodness... i have never seen children's ice cream cones this large! What happened to the kiddie cones we got as kids. I would have LOVED to have an ice cream cone this large. So needless to say the kids were in heaven!

THanks for all your support through all of this!!! Take care and happy February!