Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy March! Watch out for Specials!

Wow I just cant believe it is that time of year already! The crocuses are starting to bloom and spring is in the air. We have spring forward tomorrow and the time is just flying! Boy... I am ready for spring. This year has been one that has been so full of many emotions. With my father in law passing, it has sure made me realize many new things about the "preciousness" of life and how really temporary it is. We have done a lot of work in helping my mother-in-law downsize her estate to just the things she really needs in life. Watching her go through this has been a challenging and truly amazing process. I have completely admired her strength through all of this. All of us kids have had to kind of work like a to do list, trying to help her accomplish all the tasks at hand when it comes to downsizing a farm, boat business, and many years of many memories. It is painful and freeing at the same time. In all of this though, I have truly learned to try and not take the fragility and preciousness of life and each moment so for granted. I am very thankful that this has been my slow season of my business as we have given this process almost everything we have had. I am so thankful though to my clients who have given me the opportunity to work with them over the past few months as it has given me that energy to move forward. Knowing that I am capturing, documenting such incredible moments in these families lives that can NEVER be taken away from them, is a gift that is soo incredibly healing and feels so good. SO thank you for that.

Now... sorry for spilling my guts right now, but just felt I needed to realease a little today. I have shot some really fun sessions this past week and will post some as sneak peaks shortly. They were so great! I cant wait to share them.

Some other things to think about that are coming up around the corner...

BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR MOTHER AND FATHER DAY SPECIALS.... I will be conducting mini-sessions for both days. I will post the details within the week!

Take care and have a wonderful day!! Thank you again for all your support!