Monday, May 4, 2009


Just a quick note that I had one cancellation in the middle of May, so please call soon if you were interested in a May session. Sessions are booked for June. July - 4 spaces left. Summer sessions are filling up fast! Don't miss out!:)

Have a great day!:)

Here a few of my sweet peas from a fishing day trip we went on on this past weekend. My son was hilarious. Of course, we forgot a cooler, so he put his fish on this stick and was walking around showing them to everyone. We got to the car and he was determined to take them home! UGH! So we put them in plastic bag and wrapped them up tightly so we would reduce the great odor, so he could have his friends sit on his lap all the way home! Yum! BOYS!!! Gotta love them! He then woke up this morning determined that we were going again today. I think he and his daddy share the same aspirations!!! :)