Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Everyone... meet my new best friend... MR GREEN!

I tell you what... I know I brag about this all the time, but I TRULY have the best clients ever!! As most of you know, I have started in person ordering and of course, the best way to see your images is in the dark. Problem with that is that it makes it a little difficult to see my keyboard, so I am always squinting and in about a 2mm range of my keyboard to see the keys. Well of course, what any NORMAL person would do would be to buy one of those lights that plugs into your USB port so you can see better, but it is not too bright. Well... not me! I pick them up off the shelf at the store and then put it back down convincing myself I don't really need that. Why???? Well I had a client send me the best gift ever today... MR GREEN. I am so excited about him I took a few photographs of him to introduce him to everyone! I know... I am a total goof, but I just loved it and was taken back by my clients thougthfulness and generosity! Thank you!!!! :)