Monday, September 21, 2009


Taken this summer during one of our camping trips... oh the love!!

I just have to share a quick mommy moment... My son is 4.5 (cuz you know the half is so important!) and my daughter is 2.5. She started a new school one day a week so I could get some more work done. She loves it so much, which makes me feel great. So she has this blankie called her "me me" which she HAS to have to sleep at night. Well of course today we forgot it at school and she was in a mood just before bed!!I thought we were in for it. I was in her room trying to convince her that this other blanket would be so wonderful to sleep with and she was not buying it! Then low and behold my son walks in and says

"mom.. let me talk to her." He said," know this meme is such a great one and all you have to do is sleep one night with it and tomorrow night you will have your other meme back. Do you think you can do that? I will also snuggle with you in bed if that will help, but only for two minutes cuz I have things to do."


My mouth totally dropped watching this scenario between the two of them. I felt like the proudest mommy in the world! So the story ended with him in bed snuggling with her and her make shift me me!! OH my... those proud mommy moments are what get you through!!

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  1. That sweet little Finny-- all grown up and taking care of little sissy. - Kristi