Monday, November 23, 2009

From my little bro

So I love the art of learning and education. I think it stems from my previous profession as an educator. Anyways, my little bro has been really working hard in his photography skills and is doing awesome. I feel like a proud mama except I am not for sure I can take any credit. This image below is of his little son and I just love the composition of it. How many of us have found our children after a major tantrum or a long week of relatives totally passed out on the floor? They are never placed perfectly in the middle of anything either. If they are on their bed, they are usually falling halfway off, etc. Anyways, I think this image reflects this stage of children perfectly! I love it. Thanks for sharing bro.

Now get out there and keep shooting. You don't have to be a professional to come up with super cool shots! Take risks, especially if you are shooting digital. What's the worse that can happen... you have to erase it !!! OH MY! :)

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