Wednesday, November 4, 2009

OH I am in LOVE! Infant, Children, Family Photographer - Portland, Oregon

So I was shooting today with my kids, just practicing a couple different things and came across these three shots that just melt my heart. They almost bring tears to my eyes. Whether it is my passion for my children and my passion for photography combined, I am not sure, but images of my children that so blatently describe who they are and what they are all about are soooo precious to me. I want to cover my home with them as they just bring so much joy to my heart when I see them.

My little daughter can be such a little stinker.. but I just love that sassy side of her. She has always LOVED to hide and this one was just perfect. It is behind my white balance card!

Who wouldn't love a sandbox!! Well this boy is out in his sandbox that his papa built for him for his 2nd birthday just about everyday rain or shine. I am totally not kidding last week when it was pouring rain, he was out there with his rain gear on playing with his diggers. He loves it!

Miss little pinkalicious and her duck feet web toes! That pretty much sums that one up!:)

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