Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Aww... the joys of motherhood... Portland Family Photographer

So we had just the most wonderful Thanksgiving with my sister and her family. We even made it to the mountain for some fun in the snow! It was a blast and the kids came home plum tuckered out.

Being home and getting back into the swing of things has sure been a wake-up call for all of us! Now don't get me wrong...I love my kiddos to pieces, but oh today... they are like moving explosions! My son decided that he was going to build his own carpet cleaner without clueing me in on his plan. He sarted pouring water in a box and going over all the carpets. Ingenious... yes I have to say so. Driving me crazy... yes that too! As I am trying to help him clean up that mess, I hear my daughter dump out the 6,000 piece lego bin all over the floor. So in an effort to not freak out, I went over calmly and tried to explain how we could just pick out a few pieces from the bin and not dump them all out. It makes it much easier to pick up in the long run. As I am helping her pick up the legoes, I look up to find stickers from our morning trip to Trader Joe's all over my walls and hardwood floors, so I started pealing those off the floors and walls. In the mean time, my son has now taken the vinegar/water spray and is being so helpful by cleaning all the walls and windows in the house (mind you.. the carpets are still soaking wet!!). And I wonder why I can't seem to get enough healthy calories in my body to sustain myself for an hour, let alone a day.

So ...(deep breath!) here is to all of us who have children... make sure to stop and take a deep breath on occasion and know that you are doing a GREAT job!! I think there was a book that is entitled "Don't sweat the small stuff" (yah... right!!)... well try to not let all those little things get to you this holiday season. A great friend once told me.... a great parent is one with a dirty house! I am beginning to believe this... because how can you have a clean house and happy children???

Anyways... great work parents!!! Keep it up and enjoy yourselves this holiday season. Keep on the lookout for specials that will be posted in the next two weeks which could make some wonderful gifts for your family and friends for the holidays:).

Enjoy and have a great day!
Always.... Annie:)

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