Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our new specs! Children's Photographer, Portland, Oregon

This is my son and these are his new specs. Aren't they sooo stinkin cute. He picked them out because he liked the green on the inside because it reminded him of John Deere Tractors (his love in life!). You know when you hear the doctor say that your child can't see very well your heart just sinks. How long has this been going on for and how will this change him? Will he get made fun of in grade school? Will he fight wearing them or will he be a champ? This is the second pair we have had for him, the first one didn't correct his vision enough. So a specialized worked on this prescription and I think this one is a go. Although, the other day he did say, "Mom I can't see in these glasses." and my response was, " Well hmm... I need you to understand the difference between telling me the truth and a fib. If you REALLY can't see out of them, then mommy will need to make another appointment and they will have to put more drops in your eyes and your eyes will feel all funky and we will have to be at the doctors most of the day to figure this one out again. So, if you are fibbing then it would be a bummer to spend the whole day doing this. If you are telling me the truth, then this would be a good way to spend our day so we can get the prescription correct." His immediate response was, "Mom, I think I can see just fine now." Haha... I got a kick out of that one! He has been such a champ with this process and Nonnie's green MASSIVE garbage truck sure helped the situation along! Thanks Nonnie... I am not for sure who appreciated the truck more, me or Finn:).

So here he is... a wonderful, sweet, maturing (yes... he is maturing.. ahhhhhhhhh finally!!) and loving little boy with his new sweet specs!

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  1. He is so stinkin' cute. What a great pair of specs for him. They look perfect. I see a lot of your side of the family in him.