Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Yummy yummy lollipops! Children's Photography Portland, Oregon

Ok so I took my daughter out today for a little photoshoot and we had a ball. I have had this sucker just sitting staring at her on my desk for a LONG time and she has been begging to "Yeat It!" So I gave in today and decided today was the day. She is such a hoot and has been SO fun to watch grow up, especially these last few weeks. She just has such spunk and personality! It was a fun morning playing around with her singing songs about raindrops and telling jokes about pickles crossing the road. Children are just so beautiful and simple. It truly amazes me how much fun and high on life they are when you stop and focus just on them! The only sad part of our shoot was at the end, as she came running down the hill and I repeatedly said... BE CAREFUL!!! and after I took this last shot, splat she went sucker and all. Oh it was not a fun way to end a great morning. But in her true form, she recovered like a true champ!!


  1. Annie, Congrats on the business. I wish you the best of luck. -Jason Kopp

  2. Oh my goodness... what a cutie!