Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Miss Blue Eyes! Children's Photographer Portland, Oregon

I just feel so privileged to watch my little newborns grow. It is such a miraculous year to me that goes by all too fast! At what other point in our lives to we go from being basically a minuscule cell to a beautiful walking being. Wow!! That blows me away.

So baby S and I played all morning. We set out to celebrate her birthday and have a some fun. She enjoyed the balloons, but like a really good girl, loved the sticks and dirt best! Can you blame her!??! Her eyes are to die for! I always have a sweet spot for beautiful baby eyes.. ahhh... and those lashes!! Anyways, this little girl is a cruiser. Her mommy said she has been walking since 10 mths! Woah.. watch out mom and dad! I definitely got my workout, but I couldn't have had more fun!

Thanks baby S for such a fun session and I wish you a wonderful belated one year old birthday and many happy happy returns!!

Thank you for letting me take part in the festivities!

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