Saturday, March 6, 2010

My little baby girl is turning 3! Portland, OR Family Photographer

My little baby girl is turning 3! How can that be??!! My mom always said, make sure to enjoy the little things because time flies by too quickly with children, and she was right. It is going way too fast. Well she is definitely growing up. She is full of personality, totally loves her princesses and ballerinas, and can play soccer with the boys like the best of them! She has fire, but is such a sweetheart (when she wants to be... hehe). We are so blessed to haver her in our lives!

I was supposed to go to a preschool conference this morning and opted out choosing to hang out with my family before I leave for a week-long conference. I am sooo happy I did that! We were going to the zoo, but once we arrived realized everyone in the world had the same idea! Man... we were bummed. We drove around for 15 min trying to find a parking spot! Oh well.. we went with 2nd best, the castle park, as Etta calls it! We played hide and go seek, went down the slide and hunted deer tracks! Etta says she didnt see a deer, but she really saw bear tracks!! She was so convinced! She and I snuck away for a little hike of our own and it was such a peaceful and memorable one. We were warmed by the amazing spring sunshine and so enjoyed all the new floral scents that filled the air. She, once again, proved that her legs are just a tad bit quicker than mine, saying, "you can't get me... the whole way!" It was great. Now everyone is home and the boys are out working on the yard and I am making some bday cupcakes. What a great day!!

It feels so good to just stop and drop all those must do's and enjoy being a kid again!!

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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