Friday, April 30, 2010

Dinner At Your Door - Portland, Oregon Photographer

I had such a fun morning with owner and chef, Margot Feves, of Dinner at Your Door. She offers an amazing home-cooked healthy alternative to fast food and it is BROUGHT TO YOUR DOOR! I so LOVE it! It was hard not to want to dive in and eat while photographing her beautiful dishes this morning. This is such a great way to make sure you have healthy home-cooked meals without the stress. Not only does Margot make an amazing meal, but she is just such a fun, beautiful woman with amazing energy and doesn't she look awesome in pink!!! Love it! Thanks for a great morning Margot!

Smiles and Giggles and Momma Love!

I have had the great honor of watching this sweet little one grow! In fact, I remember the day her momma told me she was pregnant. How exciting! Baby M is such a beautiful, spirited, curious and most of all just joyfully happy little girl! You can just see how much she loves loves her momma. She lights up when they start to play. In fact... I think they both light up! It is definitely a mutual love for sure. I so enjoyed playing with you both for the morning. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to capture such beautiful moments between the two of you! Happy sneak peak and Happy Early Mother's Day!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Energetic Beauty and a Baby on the Way! Maternity Photography, Portland Oregon

OH my goodnesss... this little girl was just a doll. Right when I walked in the door, she jumped into my arms and gave me the longest hug ever! Seriously... she didn't let go for a good minute!! Mind you.. I have never met her before. Wait, I take that back, I did once. I photographed her when she was still in utero! So maybe she remembered my voice! ha... Anyways, I was so taken back with how much she trusted me off the bat. It was just WONDERFUL! It made my day. Anyways, we had so much fun running around that morning and even were able to capture a few in mid runs with beautiful mama (who is due shortly) and sweet daddy. I just adore this family and feel so honored to photograph their second maternity session. I can't wait to meet little Mr. L, the soon to be newest addition. All my best to you all for a safe and speedy delivery!

Here are some sneak peaks that I just adored!

Mommy and Me Mini Sessions / Portland, Oregon Family Photographer

I have only two spots left for the mommy and me mini sessions. I added more afternoon spots, so now there are a few left. I have had such great response! Yeah. I am so excited to work with so many wonderful moms and children this weekend. Can't wait to capture such wonderful relationships! Ccntact me if you are interested!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Today is such a special day for me as are most days, but I really LOVE today. When I was a teacher, Environmental Education was my thing. I wrote curriculum for ages prek-adults that revolved around Environmental Ed. It is another major passion in my life. That teacher side of me tries to integrate it into our families daily acitivites from turning off the water to brush our teeth to trying to find new ways of reusing items that would have ended up in the landfill. Now believe me, I know their are times when we all find it difficult to keep up with the day to day and then we have to do all of the EARTH FRIENDLY practices on top of it all... make your own compost, buy organic, walk or bike instead of driving, eat at home instead of out, and so on. While these are ALL wonderful things to do, what I want to encourage you to do is pick ONE thing today that you want to commit to changing in your life. Maybe you recycle the cardboard toilet paper tubes or you try and turn off the water while brushing your teeth. Maybe you help your kids plant a little garden to teach them about where their food comes from. Whatever it may be, choose one thing to do and commit it. Make it a somewhat attainable goal for yourself! Every bit helps!!

Enjoy and happy earth day!


Monday, April 19, 2010

Mommy and Me Mini Sessions

I Last minute mommy and me mini sessions. Don't miss out on these limited space mini sessions. Are you always the one taking pictures of your family? Do you look back at your family pictures and wonder where was I. .. behind the camera! Well these moments in time go all to fast which is why I am having mini mommy and me sessions. This is a special one time offer. The sessions will take place on May 1st. The time slots have been specified and availability is on a first come first serve basis. Specifics are below.
1. Sessions take place on May 1st ( rain date on May 2nd).
2. Sessions will take place at Gabrielle Park in SW Portland.
3. Sessions will last 30 minutes. And participants will include mom's and their amazing children ( of any age).
4. Viewing gallery will consist of 10 - 12 images for you to choose from.
5. Your choice of three 5x7's or smaller from the session plus 10% off extra orders.
6. This offer may not be combined with any other offers.

All of this for $75! (valued at over $140)
What a fantastic Mother's Day gift!

Hurry, don't miss out by signing up too late!

Call or email to get signed up today!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MCP Actions Photo Contest

This is a brand new lense that is out right now and I am so excited about it. Check it out. It works both on canon and nikon. MCP Actions is having a contest to win one of these bad boys, which by the way is an AMAZING resource for photographers! This site is full of tutorials, actions,etc. Check it out! Wish me luck!!

The Tamron 17-50 Lens is a high speed standard zoom that features Tamron’s VC anti-shake system for ultimate image control. Designed exclusively for Canon and Nikon DSLRs with APS-C-size sensors (26mm to 77mm equivalent), the new lens is a masterpiece of innovative optical design: compact and lightweight, yet high performance delivering a fast f/2.8 aperture over its entire focal-length range. Tamron’s Vibration Compensation (VC) image stabilization allows critically sharp hand-held image capture and gives 4 extra shutter speed stops for low light/natural light shooting. Save $25 now with mail-in rebate thru 4/30/10 on Tamron’s newest VC lens!

This lens is available for Canon and Nikon APS-C size sensor cameras. In the event the winner owns a full frame camera or a Sony or Pentax mount, the winner can choose the 28-75mm instead.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Babies, Babies, Babies

Well it is definitely spring and I LOVE it! For some reason spring is baby season! I think it is just a wonderful time of year to have babies. I had both mine in the spring and LOVED it. Not that any other time of the year is bad... I honestly don't know any different. I just love spring and I am so in love with maternity sessions lately...which is a great thing because I have been doing lots of them.

Sometimes you get those really timid couples who are quiet and other times you get the really playful couples and then you get those really FUNNY couples. Well there is room for all of them in my book. I haven't had quite such a funny one in a while! I could take Mr. W along for a side kick just for laughs! Go Mr. Gilligan. You can just tell this couple has a great time together full of lots of laughter and many playful moments. I so enjoyed meeting both of you and can't wait to meet Miss P! Enjoy your sneak peak!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Maternity sessions are so much fun, especially maternity ones for first time parents. They are so excited about this new little miracle and it is clearly visible in the way they interact with each other. This couple was no exception! Aren't they just adorable! Thank you so much for letting me hang with you both for a bit, I so enjoyed meeting you. I am very excited to meet your new little precious baby sooo soon! Yeah! Congrats again and enjoy your sneak peak!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Love this image!! Children's Photographer, Portland Oregon

I don't know if it my love of great cowboy boots, bright colors, animated and playful little girls or what... but something about this image just brings me such joy!! I just LOVE it!

So I leave you with this sweet image of brightly clothed little girls playing in the dirt, exploring and loving life!! Just so cute, sweet, simple, and most of all timeless! May we always encourage our little girls to grow up to be incredibly dynamic, amazing individuals!

Happy Easter to all of you who celebrate Easter and happy weekend to all of you who don't. I am signing off for a much needed family weekend full of cousins, energy and lots of fun with 8 people in a 1,200 square foot home!!! I love it!
Enjoy and I will be back in the work world on Monday April 5th!

Cheerio... Annie:)