Monday, April 12, 2010

Babies, Babies, Babies

Well it is definitely spring and I LOVE it! For some reason spring is baby season! I think it is just a wonderful time of year to have babies. I had both mine in the spring and LOVED it. Not that any other time of the year is bad... I honestly don't know any different. I just love spring and I am so in love with maternity sessions lately...which is a great thing because I have been doing lots of them.

Sometimes you get those really timid couples who are quiet and other times you get the really playful couples and then you get those really FUNNY couples. Well there is room for all of them in my book. I haven't had quite such a funny one in a while! I could take Mr. W along for a side kick just for laughs! Go Mr. Gilligan. You can just tell this couple has a great time together full of lots of laughter and many playful moments. I so enjoyed meeting both of you and can't wait to meet Miss P! Enjoy your sneak peak!

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