Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Energetic Beauty and a Baby on the Way! Maternity Photography, Portland Oregon

OH my goodnesss... this little girl was just a doll. Right when I walked in the door, she jumped into my arms and gave me the longest hug ever! Seriously... she didn't let go for a good minute!! Mind you.. I have never met her before. Wait, I take that back, I did once. I photographed her when she was still in utero! So maybe she remembered my voice! ha... Anyways, I was so taken back with how much she trusted me off the bat. It was just WONDERFUL! It made my day. Anyways, we had so much fun running around that morning and even were able to capture a few in mid runs with beautiful mama (who is due shortly) and sweet daddy. I just adore this family and feel so honored to photograph their second maternity session. I can't wait to meet little Mr. L, the soon to be newest addition. All my best to you all for a safe and speedy delivery!

Here are some sneak peaks that I just adored!

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