Thursday, May 27, 2010

Signing off for the weekend..... Portland, Oregon, Family Photographer

I just wanted to give you a heads up that I will be signing off for the weekend from technology to spend some much needed time with my family and extended family. Cant wait to see everyone!! Yeah! Have a wonderful weekend and may we always remember those that have been so dedicated to the pursuit of freedom for our country. Thank you!

And because I cant really post without an image and because I have a lot of John Deere Love in my heart!! Aren't these the best! Oh and becuase I just LOVE taking pictures of feet! Love!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sleeping Beauty! Portland, Oregon, Newborn Photography

This little angel was such an amazing sleeper! I think I got one shot in the whole session with her her eyes partially open! What a joy! I have so enjoyed getting to know little P's amazing parents. They along with little P made this session so enjoyable! Here are a few of my loves. Thank you for inviting me in to capture such an intimate time period in your families life. Enjoy your sneak peak!

This one is for dad!! :)

This is such a great one to end on! I just LOVED it!:)

Belly Love...... Portland, Oregon Maternity Photographer

This little momma had the most round and perfect belly! Isnt she just adorable... oh sooo sweet! And so was daddy! This little peanut is one lucky being. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to capture such a special time in your growing family's life journey.

There are a lot components to this image that strike me when I see it. I just LOVE dad's powerful hand. It feels like he is already protecting his wife and his little baby even before birth. I love how the trail curves and is blurred in the background. It is as if the image is saying this is the beginning and we have a wonderfully long and curvy road ahead of us full of many journey's. Finally I just love how curvy mommas belly is... so sweet and circular! Beautiful!!

I just loved the texture in this one!

I love the relationship shared in these last two!

Congratulations again family F! I look so forward to our newborn session!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Such a bundle of FUN! Portland, Oregon Children's Photographer

This little girl is just such a bundle of amazing energy. For as little as she is, she is one strong cookie. It sure does help that she is the baby of a former ballerina. Anyways, I have come this know this special family very well over the past two years and it has been such a joy to watch the relationship grow. Her nana has been a surrogate nana for my children. They truly are a strong family unit that works together to make the world go round! What a beautiful group of individuals that brought together makes an amazing family! I always have so much fun hanging out with miss little J and I felt honored to partake in she and her mommy's playtime! Thank you again!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Seriously!!! Mamma Love Portland Oregon, Family Photographer

Ok this family is seriously just beautiful! I just love the connection that momma has with her children... so playful and fun and woah... those eyes are just amazing!! And those twins... oh me oh my! Precious! Here is a sneak peak from one of my mommy and me mini sessions... Thanks for so much fun! Your kiddos are just adorable and so are you!

Welcome to the world baby E! Portland, Oregon Newborn Photography

Isn't this little peanut just the most darling little one you have ever seen. Oh my! I just loved her little facial expressions. What a beautiful addition to your beautiful family! I so enjoyed our session the other day and yes once again baby baptized dad with number 2 during the session!! I don't know why or how, but dad ALWAYS gets it!! It is truly an amazing phenomena!! Anyways, thank you family D for a wonderful morning with you. Congratulations on such an amazing new addition to your family! Many blessings...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baby Dolls and Sweet Smiles / Portland, Oregon Children's Photographer

I had the great honor a couple days ago to spend the morning doing what I absolutely LOVE, hanging out with little girls and playing dollies! It truly amazes me how hardwired some little girls are when it comes to their dollies. They are just such natural mommies. They go through the whole scenario of feeding, playing, dressing and rocking their babies. I just loved being a part of it all. Little Miss P is such an energetic sweet little girl! Thank you so much for letting me share in your morning with you and for introducing me to Miss Little Babe. Enjoy your sneak peak! :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rock Steady Boxing - Parkinson's Patients

These are my amazing adorable parents who have taught me so much in life!

So Parkinson's is near and dear to my heart as we found out that my dad is dealing with this nasty disease about 5 years ago. He is such an amazing man and just amazes me at how he approaches life. He does it with so much faith, love and power to succeed. He does not give up. Well he has approached Parkinson's with the same intensity. He has tried diet, excercise, medicine, and has researched the implants as well... and the thing that he has found that works the best is excercise. As we all know, getting into a consistent excercise routine can be really challenging, but he is doing it and I am so proud of him! Recently my uncle came across a program called Rock Steady Boxing in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is a boxing program geared specifically towards people with Parkinsons run by a professional woman boxer. It is amazing! I have not seen it in person, but have seen it on you tube and have heard from my dad what an incredible experience it was for him. To give you a brief rundown on Parkinson's, people who have Parkinson's have a decreased production of dopamine in the body. Dopamine can be created through excercise but in order to help reduce the tremors large amounts of dompamine have to be created, which people with Parkinson's have difficulty doing. The idea of Rock Steady Boxing is with boxing (an intense and shocking form of excercise) one can trick the body by participating in intense excercise to create large amounts of dopamine. When you do rigorous excercise it shocks the system and the dopamine production soars in the body. The first person my dad met when he went to the boxing gym said to my dad, " I used to have a tremor and I don't anymore!!" What.... this just doesn't happen with medicine or anything else. I am sooo amazed at this movement and have such a desire to make it available to all people with Parkinson's!! We will see where it goes... but it is so exciting to see someone you love so much who deals with such a nasty disease come across something so amazing!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh baby oh! Maternity Photography, Portland, Oregon

I have so enjoyed getting to know so many beautiful pregnant women through my maternity special. It has been awesome meeting the couples at the maternity session prior to the delivery of their sweet babies. When I arrive for the newborn session, I feel like we have been friends for a while already as I have already spent a good amount of time with them getting to know them. I am just loving it!

Well this particular couple came with their game face on! They were so much fun! You can just tell they have so much fun living each day together. I so enjoyed their energy and playful spirits. What a beautiful couple! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to get to know you and get an insight into what this beautiful little miracle is going to be like. I am so exited to meet your new little bundle of joy. Happy Sneak Peak and thank you again!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mommy and Me Mini Sessions - Portland, Oregon Family Photographer

It has been way too long since I have posted images. I think I said I was going to try to get to these sneak peak's up late last week and it just didn't happen. Work has been very busy, which is WONDERFUL, it is just a matter of keeping up. It was such a treat going through all the images from the first batch of the Mommy and Me Sessions. As a mom of two energetic and wonderful little children, I know first hand the wonderful ups and challenges that mommies face day in and day out! From the random afternoon snuggles, impromptu dance parties, train tracks weaving under your dining room table, tea parties at any hour of the day, little warm snuggly bodies after nap time, and the list can go on and on! So here is to all you wonderful mommies out there.. Happy Belated Mother's Day and enjoy your sneak peaks! (This is not meant to discount the wonderful daddies out there as well. You will get your turn soon!:)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Where does the time go??? Portland Oregon Children's Photographer

So wow.... this week has been full. I am sorry I have not posted anything this week. Sometimes I just feel like it is virtually impossible to tackle everything on that to do list!

I have had a lot of networking meetings this week and have met some very bright and business savvy individuals who were very helpful! Yeah! I love feeling a part of something much greater than just me!

I have also been cleansing for the past two weeks and it has been WAY harder than I thought. It is a hypo allergenic cleanse to help decrease the intensity of my allergies. It is working, which is great! I can only eat certain veggies, berries for fruits and chicken, lamb and salmon for protein... for breakfast, lunch and dinner! One more week to go!! Yeah!! I tried to work out this morning and woah baby... i got light headed! One more week... one more week... one more week! You can do it!

I had such a fun time during my Mommy and Me Minis. It was such an honor to watch all these amazing mammas interact with their children! I can't wait to show some sneak peaks from the sessions.

Well.. pretty soon you will notice that my blog will look very different. I am in the process of a big transformation of my blog! Can't wait! So exciting. I have been working on it on my own for a while and finally got smart and am paying someone else to help me finish! Why do we do this to ourselves!! It would have been a way better use of my time to pay someone in the first place! Oh well! Live and learn... kind of!!

So my mom ordered two 30x20 canvases of all the grandkids that I took last year and just received them yesterday and was just soo excited!!! I was telling her that is exactly how I feel when the ups man brings me a big box. I just get sooo excited cuz I know it is a canvas and I know my clients are just going to LOVE it! I just am absolutely in LOVE with my canvases. Aside from my children, husband and dog, those would be the things I would run after if we ever God forbid had a fire! They are just beautiful pieces of art!

Alrighty... because I dont like to post without images... I will leave you with one of my son on his bday!! Happy 5 baby!!