Friday, May 7, 2010

Where does the time go??? Portland Oregon Children's Photographer

So wow.... this week has been full. I am sorry I have not posted anything this week. Sometimes I just feel like it is virtually impossible to tackle everything on that to do list!

I have had a lot of networking meetings this week and have met some very bright and business savvy individuals who were very helpful! Yeah! I love feeling a part of something much greater than just me!

I have also been cleansing for the past two weeks and it has been WAY harder than I thought. It is a hypo allergenic cleanse to help decrease the intensity of my allergies. It is working, which is great! I can only eat certain veggies, berries for fruits and chicken, lamb and salmon for protein... for breakfast, lunch and dinner! One more week to go!! Yeah!! I tried to work out this morning and woah baby... i got light headed! One more week... one more week... one more week! You can do it!

I had such a fun time during my Mommy and Me Minis. It was such an honor to watch all these amazing mammas interact with their children! I can't wait to show some sneak peaks from the sessions.

Well.. pretty soon you will notice that my blog will look very different. I am in the process of a big transformation of my blog! Can't wait! So exciting. I have been working on it on my own for a while and finally got smart and am paying someone else to help me finish! Why do we do this to ourselves!! It would have been a way better use of my time to pay someone in the first place! Oh well! Live and learn... kind of!!

So my mom ordered two 30x20 canvases of all the grandkids that I took last year and just received them yesterday and was just soo excited!!! I was telling her that is exactly how I feel when the ups man brings me a big box. I just get sooo excited cuz I know it is a canvas and I know my clients are just going to LOVE it! I just am absolutely in LOVE with my canvases. Aside from my children, husband and dog, those would be the things I would run after if we ever God forbid had a fire! They are just beautiful pieces of art!

Alrighty... because I dont like to post without images... I will leave you with one of my son on his bday!! Happy 5 baby!!

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