Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Does it get any cuter!??? Family Photographer, Portland, Oregon

Ok, really, does it get any cuter. So a few days prior to this session, we thought for sure the skies were not going to cooperate. We almost made a backup plan just in case. But the evening came and it could not have been more beautiful! It was such a fun and playful evening. I felt like I was just a tagalong on a family picnic (except nobody really ate.. hehe). I spent some time at Family P's house prior to our session and noticed all the antique cameras displayed around their house and started talking about them and thought it would be perfect to bring them to their session. I just love pulling in personal items that make families so unique. Anyways, what a great family, what a great night and woah!! this has been a hard edit! Just too cute!
Enjoy your sneak peak!


  1. Oh my dear Annie. Perfectly precious... hope this fam loves these as mush as I do!

  2. Wonderful! I want at least one of each!!! Thanks for the peak! GNB & GNB, Bend, Oregon
    And the full color is refreshing and vibrant... what a lovely setting...

  3. Annie - Love these pictures!! Especially the first one with the cameras and the kissing one! Soooo cute!

  4. They are such a beautiful family both inside and out!! The night had this kind of magic about it. It was a breath of fresh air after so much rain!