Thursday, July 22, 2010

Beautiful little angel...

This little guy was just a beauty. There was so much love for that little one in this household.. it was amazing.

There is something about these two images below that I find so incredibly powerful. As parents, but as moms especially we are constantly going back and forth with our roles as a mom and all the other hats we wear. It is a constant challenge to learn the importance of truly taking care of ourselves so that we can ultimately be good mothers, spouses, friends, etc. It requires us to step forward and say, "I need a break to rejuvenate." This doesn't happen as much as it should and typically it is no ones fault but our own. We just aren't that great at it. So I guess that is why this series of two images with the mom in focus and the baby out of focus and visa versa speaks to me so strongly. It is the give and take of putting us in front and taking care of ourselves and putting our family in front and taking care of them.

And wow.. isnt momma just beautiful! Those eyes... :)

This little guy is so lucky to have such wonderful parents! I wish you all the best as your family continues on this amazing journey!

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